Le Chili redécouvre le Chasselas

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Vignoble chilien de Via Wines Photo: Via Wines

Vignoble chilien de Via Wines
Photo: Via Wines

Une série d’article du site The drinks business laisse supposer que des vieilles vignes de Chasselas, connu sous l’appellation Corinto, connaîtraient un renouveau. Le premier article, signé Darren Smith et daté du 8 septembre 2015 est intitulé “De Martino commercialise le premier Chasselas chilien“. L’article explique que “One of Chile’s most progressive organic estates, De Martino has been acquiring vineyards in the Itata region since 2010, also producing a range of wines in tinajas, or terracotta jars, as it increasingly focuses on more natural, fruit-driven styles. The grapes believed to be Chasselas – known locally as Corinto – cover approximately 30% of a vineyard in the small coastal town of Guarilhue, which De Martino acquired in March last year. The rest of the vineyard area produces Muscat. […] “We started producing wines in Itata back in 2010,” he added. “We took some time until we found a region that probably has some of the oldest vines in Itata, specifically in a place called Guarilhue, a small coastal town which is like the Morgon of Itata. We found this area of vineyard which has probably the oldest in Guarilhue – 110 years or more – and it happens that here you have field blends, in the reds and in the whites, which is quite unusual in Itata. This vineyard we found had Muscat but we also found a funny variety – very low, very old bush vines – and we didn’t know what it was.” Le domaine se prépare ainsi à mettre sur le marché un assemble de 70% de Muscat et 30% de Chasselas.

2016: le premier Chasselas pur
Un deuxième article du même site, signe cette fois de Patrick Schmitt et daté du 23 septembre 2015 explique que les vieilles vignes de Chasselas estimées à quelques 400 hectares dans le pays pourraient connaître un renouveau. Après le lancement d’un assemblage par la cave De Martino, l’entreprise Via Wines s’apprête à mettre sur le marché le premier Chasselas pur. Celui-ci sera intégré à la marque Chilca comme l’explique l’article suivant:” As reported earlier this month, Chilean producer De Martino is about to market a blend of Muscat and Chasselas, while Via Wines will be bottling a varietal Chasselas next month under the Chilean group’s Chilcas brand – which, when launched in March 2016, will be Chile’s first pure Chasselas wine. The grapes for both wines come from Chile’s southerly Itata region, which is home to some of the country’s oldest vines. Although the area, near the port city of Concepción, has become better know this decade for its old vine País – a red grape brought to Chile by colonialists in the 1550s – winemakers are starting to discover ancient white vines in the area too. According to the winemaker at Via Wines, Camilo Viani, the Chasselas for the impending Chilcas wine comes from 60 year-old bush vines on the slopes of Coelemu, which is located in the coastal part of Itata. He also told db that the old Chasselas vines tend to be found mixed among other red grapes, such as Cinsault and País, in this area. Just 500 cases of the Chilcas Chasselas will be bottled in October and it will retail for around £12. Viani said that he would wait until March next year before launching the wine, and described the grape as having “green melon and herbal flavours”, and said the new wine would be “textural”.”

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